The Manor consists of two licensed adult foster care homes which provide care for adults with developmental disabilities.

The homes are located in south-central Michigan. Both homes are found within the city limits, Montgomery House in Jonesville and Summit House in Hillsdale.

The Manor is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations made to The Manor are tax deductible.


The Manor was founded in 1930 by Grace Montgomery Bean who was a Special Education teacher and supervisor for the Toledo School systems. Miss Bean was the first to open a Special Education School in Michigan. The school was later taken over by Josephine Montgomery and William & Betty Clark.

As the population increased and had more diversified needs, The Manor adjusted its program to meet those needs. In 1977 Montgomery House, an adult foster care home, was opened to care for young adults who were too old for the school program. An additional adult foster care home was built in 1999 to address the expanding need for adult foster care.

Many of the original residents in both adult foster care homes still reside there today.


The Manor

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